KamLAND's search for correlated low-energy electron antineutrinos with astrophysical neutrinos from IceCube

S. Abe, S. Asami, M. Eizuka, S. Futagi, A. Gando, Y. Gando, T. Gima, A. Goto, T. Hachiya, K. Hata, K. Hosokawa, K. Ichimura, S. Ieki, H. Ikeda, K. Inoue, K. Ishidoshiro, Y. Kamei, N. Kawada, Y. Kishimoto, T. KinoshitaM. Koga, M. Kurasawa, N. Maemura, T. Mitsui, H. Miyake, T. Nakahata, K. Nakamura, R. Nakamura, H. Ozaki, T. Sakai, H. Sambonsugi, I. Shimizu, J. Shirai, K. Shiraishi, A. Suzuki, Y. Suzuki, A. Takeuchi, K. Tamae, H. Watanabe, Y. Yoshida, S. Obara, A. K. Ichikawa, S. Yoshida, S. Umehara, K. Fushimi, K. Kotera, Y. Urano, B. E. Berger, B. K. Fujikawa, J. G. Learned, J. Maricic, S. N. Axani, J. Smolsky, J. Lertprasertpong, L. A. Winslow, Z. Fu, J. Ouellet, Y. Efremenko, H. J. Karwowski, D. M. Markoff, W. Tornow, A. Li, J. A. Detwiler, S. Enomoto, M. P. Decowski, C. Grant, H. Song, T. O'Donnell, S. Dell'Oro

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We report the results of a search for MeV-scale astrophysical neutrinos in KamLAND presented as an excess in the number of coincident neutrino interactions associated with the publicly available high-energy neutrino datasets from the IceCube Neutrino Observatory. We find no statistically significant excess in the number of observed low-energy electron antineutrinos in KamLAND, given a coincidence time window of ±500 s, ±1,000 s, ±3,600 s, and ±10,000 s around each of the IceCube neutrinos. We use this observation to present limits from 1.8 MeV to 100 MeV on the electron antineutrino fluence, assuming a mono-energetic flux. We then compare the results to several astrophysical measurements performed by IceCube and place a limit at the 90% confidence level on the electron antineutrino isotropic thermal luminosity from the TXS 0506+056 blazar.

ジャーナルAstroparticle Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2022 10月

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