Involvement of bone marrow-derived vascular progenitor cells in neovascularization during formation of the corpus luteum in mice

Fumie Kizuka, Nobuko Tokuda, Kiyoshi Takagi, Yasuhiro Adachi, Lifa Lee, Isao Tamura, Ryo Maekawa, Toshiaki Taketani, Hiroshi Tamura, Takashi Suzuki, Yuji Owada, Norihiro Sugino

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Neovascularization is necessary for formation of the corpusluteum (CL) and includes angiogenesis and vasculogenesis.Vasculogenesis is the formation of new bloodvessels by bonemarrow-derived endothelial progenitor cells. Here we investigated whether vasculogenesis occurs in neovascularization during CL formation. Mice transplanted with bone marrow from transgenic mice expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP) were injected with equine chorionic gonadotropin and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) to induce ovulation and subsequent CL formation. Immunohistochemistry was performed on the ovaries obtained before hCG injection and at 6, 12, and 24 h after hCG injection using antibodies for CD34 or CD31 (an endothelial cell marker), platelet-derived growth factor receptor beta (PDGFR-beta, a pericyte marker), F4/80 (a macrophage marker), and GFP (a bone marrow-derived cell marker). Cells immunostained for CD34, PDGFR-beta, F4/80, and GFP were present in the theca cell layer of the preovulatory follicle before hCG injection. Each of these cell types invaded the granulosa cell layer after hCG injection, and a number of them were observed in the CL 24 h after hCG injection. Fluorescence-based immunohistochemistry or double immunohistochemical staining revealed that a few CD34/CD31-positive cells and PDGFR-betapositive cells were also positive for GFP in the preovulatory follicle and CL, and that many of the GFP-positive cells recruited to the CL during CL formation were F4/80-positive macrophages.In conclusion, bone marrow-derived vascular progenitor cells and macrophages contribute to neovascularization during CL formation.

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ジャーナルBiology of Reproduction
出版ステータスPublished - 2012 9 1

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