Investigation of magnetization dynamics in 2D Ni80Fe20 diatomic nanodot arrays

Anulekha De, Sucheta Mondal, Chandrima Banerjee, Avinash K. Chaurasiya, Ruma Mandal, Yoshichika Otani, Rajib K. Mitra, Anjan Barman

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Magnetization dynamics in Ni80Fe20 (Py) diatomic nanodots (nanodots of the same thickness but with large and small diameters that are closely placed to each other so as to act as a diatomic basis structure) embedded in 2D arrays have been investigated by the Brillouin light scattering technique. A distinct variation of resonant mode characteristics for different in-plane bias magnetic field applied along two different orientations of the lattice has been observed. Micromagnetic simulations reproduced the observed dynamical behaviour and revealed the variation of spatial distribution of collective modes of constituent single nanodots with different diameter and a diatomic unit forming the large array to understand the evolution of the magnetization dynamics from a single dot to the large array via a diatomic unit. The changes in mode frequency, spatial profiles of the modes, and appearance of new modes in a diatomic unit and its array from that of the constituent single dots indicate the strong magnetostatic interaction among the dots within the diatomic unit. Also, the occurrence of the new interacting mode at different frequencies for different orientations of the bias field indicates the change in the nature of interaction among the dots within the diatomic unit with bias magnetic field. The mode profiles also show distinct behaviour for smooth and rough-edged dots. This work motivates the study of magnonic band structure formation of such a dipolarly coupled nanodot array containing a complex double-dot unit cell.

ジャーナルJournal of Physics D: Applied Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2017 8月 30

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