International co-operation in nuclear data evaluation

C. Dunford, A. Hasegawa, R. Jacqmin, C. Nordborg

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The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) is organising a co-operation between the major nuclear data evaluation projects in the world. The co-operation involves the US ENDF project, the Western European JEFF project, the Japanese JENDL project, and, through collaboration with the IAEA, the Russian BROND project, the Chinese CENDL project and the IAEA FENDL project. The Korean data evaluation effort at KAERI presently has observer status within the co-operation. A Working Party comprised of 16 core members meets annually to discuss progress within each evaluation project and to assess common needs for nuclear data improvements. These needs are then addressed by initiating joint evaluation and/or measurement efforts. The work is performed in specially established subgroups, consisting of experts from the different evaluation projects. The results of these subgroups are published in reports issued by the NEA. Fourteen such reports have so far been issued. Present activities cover the following subjects: • Nuclear data standards. • Fission neutron spectra. • Activation cross-sections. • Evaluation and processing of covariance data. • Assessment of evaluations for the bulk of fission products. • Nuclear model codes. • Evaluated data formats and processing. • High priority requests for nuclear data. The paper will briefly review the achievements of the co-operation, present ongoing activities and reflect on ideas for future activities and challenges in the field of evaluated nuclear data.

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