Intermediate-valence quasicrystals of Yb-based alloys under pressure

Tetsu Watanuki, Daichi Kawana, Akihiko Machida, Ampo Sai

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    A quasiperiodic intermediate-valence system is demonstrated by applying pressure to an icosahedral Cd-Mg-Yb quasicrystal as well as our previous report on a Cd-Yb quasicrystal [Phys. Rev. B 81 (2010) 220202(R)]. Yb L III-edge x-ray absorption spectroscopy experiments demonstrate that the Yb valence increases continuously upon compression from the divalent state at ambient pressure, and reaches a valence of 2.37 at 16.3 GPa. Unlike other known quasicrystals, these Yb-based quasiperiodic intermediate-valence systems have the following two characteristics. 1) Each quasiperiodic lattice point has a charge degree of freedom, and 2) pressure can control the strength of the electron correlations.

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