Interaction of C60 with silicon dangling bonds on the Si(111)-(7 × 7) surface

S. Suto, K. Sakamoto, T. Wakita, M. Harada, A. Kasuya

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We report here the measurements of vibrational excitation spectra of C60 molecules adsorbed on Si(111)-(7 × 7) and H-terminated Si(111)-δ(7 × 7) surfaces using high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy. Upon adsorption of C60 on Si(111)-(7 × 7), a shift to a lower energy is measured for the ν1 and ν4 vibrational modes, but no indication of softening is observed on the H-terminated Si(111)-δ(7 × 7) surface. These results show that the C60 molecules interact strongly with the dangling bonds of adatom on the (7 × 7) structure. From the softening of the vibrational modes, the amount of charge transfer is estimated to be (3 ± 1) electrons per C60 molecule on the Si(111)-(7 × 7).

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出版ステータスPublished - 1998 5月 15

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