Influence of fermentation liquid of food-waste on nitrification based on KLa and OUR in SBR

Zhe Cheng, Xiaochang Wang, Yongmei Zhang, Yuyou Li

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The influence of fermentation liquid of food-waste to NH4+-N reduction rate of SBR was investigated by comparison with sodium acetate, and batch experiments were carried out to find the changes of KLa and OUR under different carbon source dosages. It was found that NH4+-N concentration rose to 0.9 mg/L slightly when food-waste was added, and sodium acetate had no significant impact on NH4+-N remove rate; saturated DO and KLa declined with the increase of food-waste and acetate dosing quantity, food-waste had a less influence on oxygen transfer ability than acetate. DO could be maintained at 6 mg/L which met the demand of nitrification when food-waste concentration was 300 mg/L COD. OUR of food-waste was 25.1% smaller than acetate,while 52.3% smaller at the AOB oxygen uptake phase. It indicated that the addition of food-waste affected the activity of nitrobacteria especially AOB.

ジャーナルChinese Journal of Environmental Engineering
出版ステータスPublished - 2015 3 5

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