Industry examples at the state-of-the-art: Hitachi

Katsuyoshi Washio

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High-speed monolithic integrated circuits (ICs) and large-scale ICs (LSIs) are the key components for multigigabit data communication systems and wide-bandwidth radio communication systems. Such systems include backbone networks, intercity communication networks, local area networks, and Ethernet for data communications, and microwave and millimeter-wave mobile networks, fixed wireless access, and intelligent transport systems for radio communications. To meet the growing demand for such systems, both high-speed digital operation with sophisticated functions and high-frequency analog operation should be implemented. From this point of view, high-speed SiGe HBT and SiGe HBT with CMOS (BiCMOS) technologies are the most promising candidates to meet these requirements. This is because SiGe HBTs with a sub-5-psec ECL-gate delay and cutoff frequency about 200 GHz have been successfully demonstrated and can be fabricated by the well-established Si process, which is fully compatible with the CMOS process. For the widespread application of these devices in high-speed digital and RF analog ICs/LSIs, SiGe HBTs must be fabricated at a high yield. Moreover, high-quality passive elements, including high-precision resistors, a high-Q varactor, an MIM capacitor, and high-Q inductors, should also be available for integration on a chip.

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