Incomplete transformation of upper bainite in Nb bearing low carbon steels

T. Furuhara, T. Yamaguchi, G. Miyamoto, T. Maki

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Kinetics and microstructure of bainite transformation in Fe-(0·15 or 0·05)C-0·2Si-1·5Mn (mass%) alloys with Nb addition of 0·03 mass%. Bainite transformation occurs at temperatures below 873 K. At 853 K, transformation rapidly proceeds by formation of bainitic ferrite without carbide precipitation, but transformation stasis appears for a certain period in the Nb added alloys leaving untransformed austenite film between neighbouring bainitic ferrites. On the other band, the Nb free alloys do not show such a stasis until the transformation is completed. By further holding, the transformation in the Nb added alloy restarts by forming the mixture of dislocation free ferrite with cementite precipitation in the austenite films. In contrast, bainite transformation accompanying cementite precipitation occurs in both Nb free and Nb added alloys at 773 K, resulting in no difference in transformation kinetics. It is proposed that the incomplete transformation is caused by suppression of ferrite nucleation at interphase boundaries between pre-existing bainitic ferrite and austenite due to Nb segregation.

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