Improvement of interlaminar mechanical properties of CFRP laminates using VGCF

Yuan Li, Naoki Hori, Masahiro Arai, Ning Hu, Yaolu Liu, Hisao Fukunaga

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In order to improve the interlaminar mechanical properties of CFRP laminates, hybrid CFRP/VGCF laminates have been fabricated by using a newly-developed method, i.e., powder method, where the powder of vapor grown carbon fiber (VGCF) is added at the mid-plane of [0°/0°]14 CFRP laminates. Experimental results of double cantilever beam (DCB) tests indicate the improvement on the interlaminar mechanical properties of Mode-I fracture behavior with much higher critical load PC and fracture toughness GIC with VGCF interlayer. Crack propagation and fracture surface have also been observed to interpret this improvement mechanism. Moreover, based on experimental GIC, numerical simulations using finite element method (FEM) with cohesive elements have been carried out to analyze the delamination propagation. The interlaminar tensile strength of hybrid CFRP/VGCF laminates, which is obtained by matching the numerical load-COD (crack opening displacement) curves to experimental ones, is higher than that of base CFRP laminates. Crown

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