Impact force identification of CFRP structures using experimental transfer matrices

S. Atobe, H. Fukunaga, N. Hu

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This paper presents a method for identifying the location and force history of an impact force acting on CFRP structures such as laminated plates and stiffened panels. The identification method is an experimental one without using any analytical model of the structure. Here, experimental transfer matrices, which relate the impact force to the corresponding responses of PZT sensors, are used to identify the impact force. The transfer matrices are preliminarily constructed from the measured data obtained by impact tests with an impulse hammer. To identify the impact location, the arrival times of the flexural waves to the PZT sensors are used, and an analog band-pass filter is used to obtain waves with a specified frequency. The wave velocity is determined experimentally from impact test results. The present method is verified experimentally by performing impact force identification of CFRP laminated plates and CFRP stiffened panels. The results reveal that the location and force history of the impact force can be identified accurately and rapidly using the present method.

ジャーナルComputers, Materials and Continua
出版ステータスPublished - 2011

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