Hyper hospital - a networked reality based medical care system -

Takami Yamaguchi, Nobuyasu Furuta, Kuniharu Shindo, Tomoaki Hayasaka, Hisako Igarashi, Jun Noritake, Kiyoyuki Yamazaki, Atsuya Yoshida

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The Hyper Hospital takes into account not just the physical or chemical therapeutic procedure but the psychological and spiritual care of patients as well. The Hyper Hospital is constructed in the computer-based electronic network using an alternate reality system, such as the virtual reality system, as the human-machine-human interface. The nodes of the Hyper Hospital belong to a patient and also to a variety of medical care facilities. Most of the physical contact, such as the visit to the outpatient office by the patient, is actualized by the electronic connection of the patient private space and the public space of the hospital space. Realizing such a system entailed research on the network-oriented architecture of the alternate reality, the development of human-machine interface particularly fitted to various disabilities, the study of the behavior of normal and diseased people, etc.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1994 12 1

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