High-spin structure of 104Pd

D. Sohler, I. Kuti, J. Timár, P. Joshi, J. Molnár, E. S. Paul, K. Starosta, R. Wadsworth, A. Algora, P. Bednarczyk, D. Curien, Zs Dombrádi, G. Duchene, D. B. Fossan, J. Gál, A. Gizon, J. Gizon, D. G. Jenkins, K. Juhász, G. KalinkaT. Koike, A. Krasznahorkay, B. M. Nyakó, P. M. Raddon, G. Rainovski, J. N. Scheurer, A. J. Simons, C. Vaman, A. R. Wilkinson, L. Zolnai

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The high-spin structure of the nucleus 104Pd was studied through the 96Zr(13C,5n) reaction at incident energies of 51 and 58 MeV, using the Euroball IV γ-ray spectrometer in conjunction with the DIAMANT charged-particle array. Several new medium- and high-spin bands were revealed. The already known positive-parity yrast and the negative-parity cascades were extended up to Ex∼13, ∼11, and ∼9 MeV with Iπ=(26+), Iπ=(23-), and (20-), respectively. The deduced band structures were compared with Woods-Saxon total Routhian surface (TRS) calculations. In addition, non-yrast low-lying positive-parity bands were identified, which were assigned to soft γ-vibrational excitations.

ジャーナルPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2012 4月 2

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