High sensitive TSP for optical readout infrared thermal imaging devices

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This paper reports the sensitivity of various Eu(TTA)3-based temperature sensitive paints (TSPs) which can be used in an infrared thermal imaging device. Two types of polymer binders (PSAMS and PVB) mixing with various concentration of Eu(TTA)3 were prepared and examined. The TSP using PSAMS had a higher temperature sensitivity compared with that using PVB when the temperature was less than 38oC. The maximum sensitivity as high as 9.0%/ oC was obtained by mixing 360 mg of Eu(TTA)3 with 1 g of PSAMS. The theoretical model of a thermal imaging device reveals that the temperature sensitivity of TSP has a great impact on the performance of the thermal imaging device. A NETD as small as 0.16 K can be obtained by using the high sensitive TSP developed here.

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