High-resolution resonance photoemission study of CeMX (M = Pt, Pd; X = P, As, Sb)

T. Iwasaki, A. Sekiyama, A. Yamasaki, M. Okazaki, K. Kadono, H. Utsunomiya, S. Imada, Y. Saitoh, T. Muro, T. Matsushita, H. Harima, S. Yoshii, M. Kasaya, A. Ochiai, T. Oguchi, K. Katoh, Y. Niide, K. Takegahara, S. Suga

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We have performed high-resolution Ce 3d-4f resonance photoemission (RPES) measurements for low Kondo temperature (TK) CeMX (M=Pd,Pt,X=P,As,Sb) and compared the results with 4d-4f RPES. The experimental results reveal that the bulk Ce 4f electronic structures are remarkably different from those in the surface layer even in low-TKmaterials. The non-4f valence-band spectra are well described by the results of the band-structure calculation of isostructural LaMX by considering the photoionization cross sections. We have analyzed the Ce 4f spectra by using a noncrossing approximation calculation based on the single-impurity Anderson model. The calculated results successfully reproduce the experimental 4f spectra. We find that the bare 4f level shift is the most important factor in explaining the difference between the surface and bulk Ce 4f spectra. Moreover, the Ce 4f states of CeMX are found to hybridize preferentially with a particular part of the p-d mixed antibonding states.

ジャーナルPhysical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2002 5 15

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