High combustion activity of methane induced by reforming gas over Ni/Al2O3 catalysts

Baitao Li, Ritsuko Watanabe, Kenji Maruyama, Mohammad Nurunnabi, Kimio Kunimori, Keiichi Tomishige

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During the reactions related to oxidative steam reforming and combustion of methane over α-alumina-supported Ni catalysts, the temperature profiles of the catalyst bed were studied using an infrared (IR) thermograph. IR thermographical images revealed an interesting result: that the temperature at the catalyst bed inlet is much higher under CH4/H 2O/O2/Ar = 20/10/20/50 than under CH4/H 2O/O2/Ar = 10/0/20/70; the former temperature is comparable to that over noble metal catalysts such as Pt and Pd. Based on the temperature-programmed reduction and oxidation measurements over fresh and used catalysts, the metallic Ni is recognized at the catalyst bed inlet under CH 4/H2O/O2/Ar = 20/10/20/50, although it is mainly oxidized to NiAl2O4 under CH4/H 2O/O2/Ar = 10/0/20/70. This result indicates that the addition of reforming gas (CH4/H2O = 10/10) to the combustion gas (CH4/O2 = 10/20) can stabilize Ni species in the metallic state even under the presence of oxygen in the gas phase. This would account for its extremely high combustion activity.

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