Growth and scintillation properties of Pr doped Gd 3(Ga,Al) 5O 12 single crystals

Kei Kamada, Takayuki Yanagida, Jan Pejchal, Martin Nikl, Takanori Endo, Kousuke Tsutumi, Yoshiyuki Usuki, Yutaka Fujimoto, Akihiro Fukabori, Akira Yoshikawa

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Pr:Gd 3(Ga,Al) 5O 12 single crystals were grown by the micro-pulling down (μ-PD) method. All grown crystals were greenish and transparent with 3.0 mm in diameter, 15-30 mm in length. Neither visible inclusions nor cracks were observed. Luminescence and scintillation properties were measured. The substitution at the Al 3+ sites by Ga 3+ in garnet structure has been studied. In these crystals, Pr 3+ 5d-4f emission is observed with 340 nm wavelength. Pr1%:Gd 3Ga 3Al 2O 12 shows highest emission intensity. The light yield of Pr:Gd 3Ga 3Al 2O 12 sample with 3 mmφ×1 mm size was around 4500 photon/MeV. Scintillation decay time was 7.9 ns (0.5%), 46 ns (0.7%) and 214 ns (98.8%).

ジャーナルJournal of Crystal Growth
出版ステータスPublished - 2012 8 1

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