Ground-state-entanglement bound for quantum energy teleportation of general spin-chain models

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Many-body quantum systems in the ground states have zero-point energy due to the uncertainty relation. In many cases, the system in the ground state accompanies spatially entangled energy density fluctuation via the noncommutativity of the energy density operators, though the total energy takes a fixed value, i.e., the lowest eigenvalue of the Hamiltonian. Quantum energy teleportation (QET) is a protocol for the extraction of the zero-point energy out of one subsystem using information of a remote measurement of another subsystem. From an operational viewpoint of protocol users, QET can be regarded as an effective rapid energy transportation without breaking all physical laws, including causality and local energy conservation. In the protocol, the ground-state entanglement plays a crucial role. In this paper, we show analytically for a general class of spin-chain systems that the entanglement entropy is lower bounded by a positive quadratic function of the teleported energy between the regions of a QET protocol. This supports a general conjecture that ground-state entanglement is an evident physical resource for energy transportation in the context of QET. The result may also deepen our understanding of the energy density fluctuation in condensed-matter systems from a perspective of quantum information theory.

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