Gemcitabine concurrent with radiation for locally advanced pancreatic cancer

Hiroyuki Baba, Yozo Suzuki, Toshiya Ema, Masayo Kawakami, Chikashi Nakanishi, Tatsuya Hashimoto, Toshifumi Arai, Gaku Matsumoto, Koji Tsuruta, Atsutake Okamoto, Katsuyuki Karasawa

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Gemcitabine (GEM) concurrent with radiation is clinically not well defined. We herein report four cases of chemo-radiotherapy against locally advanced pancreatic cancer using low-dose GEM concurrent with extra-beam radiation. A total of eight cases entered the study. Three were resected and five were non-resected cases. Intraoperative radiation was carried out in every case using an 8 or 10 centimeter cone with a radiation dose of 25 Gy. Postoperative radiation was 2 Gy per day on weekdays for 5 weeks. Four cases were concurrent with low-dose GEM (40 mg/m2) twice a week, whereas the other four were radiation only. With the use of GEM concurrent with radiation, tumor markers decreased more than 80 percent regardless of the tumor resection. CT scan confirmed a necrotic change and the decrease of the tumor size. In conclusion, low dose GEM concurrent with radiation therapy may be a promising therapeutic choice for the local control of advanced pancreatic cancers.

ジャーナルGan to kagaku ryoho. Cancer & chemotherapy
出版ステータスPublished - 2005 10月

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