Fusion of real-time disaster simulation and big data assimilation – Recent progress

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    This paper reports the latest outcomes of the project “Establishing the Advanced Disaster Reduction Management System by Fusion of Real-time Disaster Simulation and Big Data Assimilation” that started in 2014. The objectives of targeting various kinds of damage due to earthquakes and tsunami, fusion of large-scale high-resolution numerical simulation, effective processing and analysis of big data from various observations, and data assimilation were achieved. The outcomes will be utilized to create the world’s first real-time simulation and big data analysis basis that would potentially assist with designing preliminary measures based on quantitative data and disaster responses to a disaster. Case studies using recent disasters were used in this endeavor and validation were performed. In the future, environments that rapidly provide information on possible damage situations in real time for public agencies, corporations, and citizens facing a catastrophic disaster in Japan will be developed by integrating these studies.

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