Frequency-domain MMSE channel estimation for frequency-domain equalization of DS-CDMA signals

Kazuaki Takeda, Fumiyuki Adachi

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Frequency-domain equalization (FDE) based on minimum mean square error (MMSE) criterion can replace the conventional rake combining to significantly improve the bit error rate (BER) performance in a frequency-selective fading channel. MMSE-FDE requires an accurate estimate of the channel transfer function and the signal-to-noise power ratio (SNR). Direct application of pilot-assisted channel estimation (CE) degrades the BER performance, since the frequency spectrum of the pilot chip sequence is not constant over the spreading bandwidth. In this paper, we propose a pilot-assisted decision feedback frequency-domain MMSE-CE. The BER performance with the proposed pilot-assisted MMSE-CE in a frequency-selective Rayleigh fading channel is evaluated by computer simulation. It is shown that MMSE-CE always gives a good BER performance irrespective of the choice of the pilot chip sequence and shows a high tracking ability against fading. For a spreading factor SF of 16, the Eb/N0 degradation for BER=10-4 with MMSE-CE from the ideal CE case is as small as 0.9 dB (including an Eb/N 0 loss of 0.28 dB due to the pilot insertion).

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出版ステータスPublished - 2007 7月

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