Formation and bonding of platinum nanoparticles controlled by high energy beam irradiation

Bingshe Xu, Shun Ichiro Tanaka

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The formation and bonding ot Pt nanoparticles controlled by high-energy beam irradiation were investigated. Pt nanoparticles were prepared on amorphous carbon film by Ar ion beam sputtering and their size ranged from 1 to 6 nm in diameter. It is clear that the size of Pt nanoparticles is related to the ion acceleration voltage, the ion beam current and the irridiation time. The Pt nanoparticle size was large at a high acceleration voltage with large ion beam current for long irrigation time. The migration and bonding behaviors of these Pt nanoparticles were also investigated using a high-resolution transmission electron microscope with the electron beam irradiation intensity of 1 ∼ 3.3 × 1020 e/cm2·sec, on a room-temperature stage. It was found that adjacent Pt nanoparticles came into contact and bonded with necking. The structures of CSL grain boundaries formed by bonding ranged from Σ3 to Σ19a, with Σ3 CSL boundaries being preferentially formed.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2001 5月 18

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