Flexible carbon micro-supercapacitors prepared by direct cw-laser writing

Jinguang Cai, Akira Watanabe

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    Micro-/nano-scale power supply units with high energy and high power densities are critical components for the development of compact miniaturized portable electronic devices. Supercapacitors have attracted many research attentions due to their high power density, robust cycle performance, pollution-free operation, and maintenance-free features. Besides, the properties of small size, light weight, and flexibility are also required. On-chip microsupercapacitors (MSCs) have the potential acting as power supply units in portable devices, due to their simplified packaging processes and compatibility to the integrated circuits. However, the fabrication methods and materials should be cost-effective, scalable, and compatible to current electronic industry. Carbon materials own high specific surface areas, electrochemical stability, and high electrical conductivity, which are critical parameters for high-power supercapacitors. Moreover, the high mechanical tolerance makes them good candidates for flexible wearable devices. Therefore, MSCs based on carbon materials would satisfy the requirements of portable electronics. In this work, we demonstrated the fabrication of carbon MSCs by laser direct writing on commercial polyimide sheets in Ar with lowcost semiconductor cw-laser with a wavelength of 405nm. The obtained structures are macro-nanostructures comprising graphitized and amorphous carbon with relatively smooth surfaces and low resistance, in compared with the structures obtained by laser writing in air. As-prepared micro-supercapacitors show a high capacitance of about 14.9 mF/cm2 at a scanning rate of 10 mV/s, which is comparable to the reported highest capacitance of carbon-based supercapacitors fabricated by pulse-laser writing.

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    編集者Craig B. Arnold, Kunihiko Washio, Udo Klotzbach
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    イベントLaser-Based Micro-and Nanoprocessing X - San Francisco, United States
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    OtherLaser-Based Micro-and Nanoprocessing X
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