Feedback-loop type transmission power control for TDMA satellite communication systems

Hiroshi Kazama, Takeo Atsugi, Shuzo Kato

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This paper proposes a feedback-loop type transmission power control (TPC) scheme coupled with first and second order prediction methods and analyzes the optimum control period and residual control error. In order to minimize residual control error, the three main factors contributing to residual control error are analyzed. First, to detect accurately up-link rain attenuation, a channel quality detection method is proposed and analyzed experimentally for pseudo-error detection. Second, rain attenuation rates in Ka band are measured and analyzed statistically. Finally, the optimum control period of the proposed TPC scheme is analyzed. The simulation results on the prototype TPC system show a maximum of 4.5 dB residual control error is achievable with an optimum control period of about 1 second to 1.5 seconds.

ジャーナルIEICE Transactions on Communications
出版ステータスPublished - 1993 5月 1

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  • コンピュータ ネットワークおよび通信
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