Feasibility Study of Hydrogen Generator with Molten Slag Granulation

Tomohiro Akiyama, Toshio Mizuochi, Jun Ichiro Yagi, Hiroshi Nogami

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A huge amount of hot molten oxides, such as steelmaking slag and molten municipal waste, is discharged at present without heat recovery, in spite of its very high potential. For example, hot molten slag as a byproduct in the Japanese steelmaking industry, over 1723 K in temperature, reaches as much as 30 million tonnes annually. To recover heat of the viscous slag chemically, the strongly endothermic reaction CH4+H2O →3H 2+CO was selected and then the property of dry granulation of the molten slag by Rotary Cup Atomizer (RCA) for expanding surface area of the slag was experimentally studied. The purpose of this paper was, therefore, to study slag granulation under various conditions for promoting heat exchange between slag and gas, in which the influence of the rotating speed and the shape of the cup on the slag drop size was mainly examined. The collected slag drops were correlated with operating conditions such as rotating speed, cup shape, etc. Most significantly, the molten slag was successfully granulated under the dry conditions without water impingement. The rotating speed of the cup influenced the diameter and shape of the slag drops very strongly. The higher rotating speed made the slag drops smaller, more spherical and uniform. Drops with 5 to 6 mm of average dimension were obtained at a rotating speed of 15 rps (900 rpm), and drops with about 1 mm at 50 rps (3000 rpm). In the former case, the shape of the obtained drops changed from spherical to ribbon-like. These results will be useful to establish new heat recovery processes with hydrogen generation from molten slag with many benefits. Energy analysis and cost evaluation were also conducted, to study the benefit of the proposed process.

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