Fatigue properties in high strength bulk metallic glasses

Kazutaka Fujita, Wei Zhang, Baolong Shen, Kenji Amiya, Chaoli L. Ma, Nobuyuki Nishiyama

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Fatigue tests were carried out on ultra-high strength Co- and Fe-based bulk metallic glasses (BMGs), and the fatigue results were investigated together with the ones which had already been obtained from the fatigue tests on the super-high strength Ni-based BMG and the high strength Ti- and Cu-based BMGs. The test alloy rods with a diameter of 2 mm were prepared in [(Co 0.6Fe 0.4) 0.75B 0.2Si 0.05] 96Nb 4, (Fe 0.5Co 0.5) 72B 20Si 4Nb 4, Ti 41.5Zr 2.5Hf 5Cu 42.5 Ni 7.5Si 1, Ni 60Zr 20Nb 15Al 5 and Cu 60Zr 30Ti 10 at% systems by the copper mold casting method. The test specimens were machined to hourglass shape type with a minimum diameter of 0.9 mm. The specimens were tested at a stress ratio of 0.1 and a frequency of 10 Hz. The fatigue limits in the Co- and Fe-based BMGs exceeded 2 GPa, and those in the Ni- and Ti-based BMG surpassed about 1.5 GPa. Fatigue ratios in all BMGs were found to be about 0.5. Exceptionally, only the Ti-based BMG showed the high ratio, which may indicate the possibility that the BMG does not cause the fatigue phenomenon. In front of the fatigue crack initiation sites, fracture surfaces showed a radial ridges and valleys morphology as well as a striation like pattern. Unstable fracture surfaces consisted of facets with vein patterns. As the facet and vein pattern sizes increase, the strength and fatigue limit decreased, whereas the fracture toughness increased. Fracture surfaces in front of the fatigue cracks in strong BMGs showed the clear elastic wave traces. Highlights: Fatigue limits (σ ws) in super-high strength BMGs showed super-high values. The Ti-based BMG.indicated a possibility that BMGs never fatigue. The fatigue crack initiation region in BMGs shows a radial ridge and valley morphology. Fracture surfaces in front of fatigue cracks in strong BMGs show elastic wave traces. The facet and vein pattern sizes on unstable fracture surfaces relates the σ w & K IC.

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