Fast ion losses due to toroidal field ripple in JT-60U

K. Tobita, K. Tani, T. Nishitani, K. Nagashima, Y. Kusama

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A previous experiment in JT-60U supported an orbit following Monte Carlo (OFMC) calculation regarding ripple trapped loss, and the present experiment, furthermore, suggests that the OFMC also predicts banana drift loss fairly well. In the experiment presented, the total fast ion losses due to toroidal field ripple were estimated from the decay in neutron emission following a short neutral beam injection (90 keV, D). The neutron decay for co-passing beam injection showed a diffusivity of about 0 m2/s, which indicates no fast ion loss. In contrast, the neutron decay for trapped particle injection exhibited characteristic enhancement of fast ion losses due to toroidal field ripple: the fast ion losses consisted of ripple trapped convection and ripple banana diffusion in the low collisionality regime. The OFMC calculation reconstructed completely the experimental neutron decay irrespective of the total ripple losses and the fraction of banana drift loss. Considering the previous work on ripple trapped loss and this result, it can be concluded that the OFMC code gives a good quantitative estimation of banana drift loss as well as ripple trapped loss.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1994 12月 1

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