Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Al2O3/LaPO4 Composite

Y. Konishi, T. Kusunose, P. E.D. Morgan, T. Sekino, K. Niihara

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Al2O3/LaPO4 ceramic composites were prepared from lanthanum nitrate hexahydrate, diammonium hydrogenphosphate and Al2O3 mixed in aqueous solution. Prepared powders were in-situ reaction sintered by hot-pressing at 1400°C for 1 h. The conventional reaction sintering using simple powder mixture of α-Al2O3, lanthanum carbonate and aluminum dihydrogenphosphate was also carried out for the comparison of the microstructure and mechanical properties. X-ray diffraction analyses showed that the sintered bodies were composed of only α-Al2O3 and LaPO4. The more fine-grained composites fabricated by using aqueous solution process indicated the enhanced mechanical properties compared with the composites from reaction synthesis process.

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