Evaluation of the Safety of Taking Lamotrigine during Lactation Period

Kazushi Yashima, Taku Obara, Fumiko Matsuzaki, Chihiro Suzuki, Mika Saeki, Mina Koyama, Moeko Hosono, Aoi Noda, Saya Kikuchi, Tetsuro Hoshiai, Shinichi Sato, Masatoshi Saito, Takushi Hanita, Nariyasu Mano

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Introduction: Evaluation of the safety of taking lamotrigine (LTG) during lactation in breastfed infants varies according to the information sources. As it is possible that prescribers may avoid prescribing LTG despite of it being one of the essential drugs, more information needs to be accumulated to facilitate its use. Materials and Methods: We retrospectively compared the safety of LTG during the lactation period in 20 pairs of mothers and infants with 20 pairs as the control group. Results: The mean dose of LTG in 20 mothers was 161.1 mg/day (range: 50-400 mg/day). None of the infants showed a neonatal withdrawal syndrome score of 2 or more up to 1 month after delivery. Although drowsiness (n = 3), skin rash (n = 11), jaundice (n = 8), heart murmur (n = 1), poor suckling (n = 1), and retractive breathing (n = 1) were observed in infants, none of these adverse events were serious and the infants recovered. Nineteen of 20 pairs could continue lactation until 1 month after delivery. One pair discontinued breastfeeding because of pain in the mother's nipples. All pairs could continue maternal medication. We then compared the results with those of the control group. There were no significant differences in the presence of adverse events between the LTG and control groups. Conclusion: These data suggest that taking low to moderate doses of LTG during the lactation period might be relatively safe, at least for a period of 1 month after delivery.

ジャーナルBreastfeeding Medicine
出版ステータスPublished - 2021 5

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