Evaluation of silicon- and carbon-face SiO2/SiC MOS interface quality based on scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy

Norimichi Chinone, Alpana Nayak, Ryoji Kosugi, Yasunori Tanaka, Shinsuke Harada, Hajime Okumura, Yasuo Cho

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A strong positive correlation was found between the trap density (Dit) at the SiO2/SiC interface and signal variation in a scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy (SNDM) image. Si-face and C-face SiC wafers with a 45-nm-thick oxide layer were examined by the conventional high-low method and SNDM, which is a type of scanning probe microscopy. The Dit value measured by the high-low method and the standard deviation of normalized SNDM images exhibited a strong positive correlation, which means that the standard deviation of the normalized SNDM image can be used as a universal measure of the SiO2/SiC interface quality. Using this measure, a quick evaluation of Dit using SNDM is possible.

ジャーナルApplied Physics Letters
出版ステータスPublished - 2017 8 7

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