Evaluation of CVD diamond coating layer using leaky Rayleigh wave

Sung Jin Song, Hak Joon Kim, Wen Wu Wang, Dong Ju Yang, Young H. Kim, Sung D. Kwon, T. Takagi, T. Uchimoto, T. Abe

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In the present study, the possibility of using leaky Rayleigh waves as a nondestructive tool for the evaluation of CVD diamond coating layer is explored experimentally. For this purpose, a set of CVD diamond coated specimens are prepared and the leaky Rayleigh waves are measured in an immersion, pulse-echo setup. For the proper analysis of the acquired signals we propose a novel signal analysis approach, namely the "time trace angular scan (TTAS)" image. Then, the proposed approach together with the backward radiation profiles are applied for the analysis of signals acquired in the initial experiments. The TTAS image shows the entire information on both time-of-arrival and angle of incidence of the signals for the proper "time-angle windowing." Then, the backward radiation profile of the windowed signals provides adequate parameters from which nondestructive evaluation of the coated specimens is carried out.

出版ステータスPublished - 2006 12 22

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