Er3+ loaded barium molybdate nanoparticles: IR to visible spectral upconversion

Rajesh Adhikari, Bhupendra Joshi, R. Narro-García, E. De La Rosa, Tohru Sekino, Soo Wohn Lee

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In this study, we report the infrared to visible upconversion luminescence behavior of Er3+ loaded barium molybdate nanoparticles synthesized by microwave induced sol-gel route. Structural and morphological properties were analyzed and the upconversion response of the Er3+ loaded samples (1 mol% and 5 mol%) was investigated by exciting the samples at 980 nm from a Continuous Wave Laser Diode (CWLD). Results showed that the green emissions around 528 and 546 and red emissions at 658 nm were observed, respectively, and the intensity of both emissions were found to be enhanced with increase in concentration from 1 mol% to 5 mol% of Er3+ ions. Upconversion mechanism is disscussed and this study gives the way to convert infrared energy to visible light in other molybdate scheelite structures.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2015 3月 1

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