Enhanced antinociception by intracerebroventricularly and intrathecally-administered orexin A and B (hypocretin-1 and -2) in mice

Jalal Izadi Mobarakeh, Kazuhiro Takahashi, Shinobu Sakurada, Seiji Nishino, Hiroyuki Watanabe, Motohisa Kato, Kazuhiko Yanai

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Orexins are neuropeptides located exclusively in neurons of the lateral hypothalamic area, which send projections to most monoaminergic nuclei, such as noradrenergic locus coeruleus, dopaminergic ventral tegmental areas, and histaminergic tuberomammillary nuclei. The present work was carried out to examine the role of orexins in nociception in mice. C57BL/6 mice were administered with orexin A and B intracerebroventricularly (i.c.v.), intrathecally (i.t.) and subcutaneously (s.c.) to reveal the sites of action of these peptides and to examine the pain thresholds using four kinds of nociceptive tasks. Orexins showed antinociceptive effects in all four types of assays for thermal (hot-plate, tail-flick, paw-withdrawal), mechanical (tail-pressure), chemical (formalin, capsaicin and abdominal stretch) nociceptions and nociceptin-induced behavioral responses, when administered i.c.v. or i.t., whereas the s.c. administration was ineffective. The antinociceptive effects of orexin A were more remarkable than those of orexin B. The i.c.v. administration of orexin A was as effective as, or more potent than the i.t. administration. The effects of orexin A were completely blocked by adenosine type 1 receptor antagonists, 1,3-dipropyl-8-cyclopentylxanthine (DPCPX) and theophylline, but not by naloxone, suggesting a possible involvement of the adenosine-containing neurons and/or the adenosine pathway in these orexin actions. The i.c.v. administration of nociceptin had no significant effects on orexin expression in the brain and spinal cord. The present findings suggest that orexins have an antinociceptive role in at least four different types of pains, probably acting on both the brain and spinal cord.

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