ELNES analysis of local electronic structures at Cu/Al 2O 3(0001) interface

Takeo Sasaki, Teruyasu Mizoguchi, Katsuyuki Matsunaga, Shingo Tanaka, Takahisa Yamamoto, Masanori Kohyama, Yuichi Ikuhara

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    High-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) observation was performed for a Cu/Al 2O 3(0001) interface fabricated by a pulsed laser deposition method to investigate the orientation relationship and atomic structure. The interface electronic structure was studied by nano-probe electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS), and the obtained electron energy loss near edge structure (ELNES) was analyzed by the first-principles calculations. It was found that Cu was epitaxially oriented to the A1 2O 3(0001) surface, and the following orientation relationship was observed: (111) Cu//(0001) Al2O3, [11̄0] Cu//[11̄00] Al2O3. The experimental O-K ELNES exhibited a shoulder before the main peak, which was consistent with the theoretical spectrum for the interface. The shoulder is thought to originate from the Cu-O interaction across the interface.

    ジャーナルNippon Kinzoku Gakkaishi/Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals
    出版ステータスPublished - 2005 1

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