Elemental abundances in the possible type Ia supernova remnant G344.7-0.1

H. Yamaguchi, M. Tanaka, K. Maeda, P. O. Slane, A. Foster, R. K. Smith, S. Katsuda, R. Yoshii

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Recent studies on the Galactic supernova remnant (SNR) G344.7-0.1 have commonly claimed its origin to be a core-collapse supernova (SN) explosion, based on its highly asymmetric morphology and/or proximity to a star-forming region. In this paper, however, we present an X-ray spectroscopic study of this SNR using Suzaku, which is supportive of a Type Ia origin. Strong K-shell emission from lowly ionized Fe has clearly been detected, and its origin is determined, for the first time, to be the Fe-rich SN ejecta. The abundance pattern is highly consistent with that expected for a somewhat-evolved Type Ia SNR. It is suggested, therefore, that the X-ray point-like source CXOUJ170357.8-414302 located at the SNR's geometrical center is not associated with the SNR but is likely to be a foreground object. Our result further indicates that G344.7-0.1 is the first possible Type Ia SNR categorized as a member of the so-called mixed-morphology class. In addition, we have detected emission from He-like Al at 1.6 keV, the first clear detection of this element in the spectrum of an extended X-ray source. The possible enhancement of the Al/Mg abundance ratio from the solar value suggests that the ambient interstellar medium has a relatively high metallicity (not less than 10% of the solar value). We also report the marginal detection of Cr and Mn, although the measured fluxes of these lines have large statistical and systematic uncertainties.

ジャーナルAstrophysical Journal
出版ステータスPublished - 2012 4 20

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