Electroproduction of kaons on light nuclei

B. Zeidman, D. Abbott, A. Ahmidouch, P. Ambrozewicz, C. S. Armstrong, J. Arrington, R. Asaturyan, K. Assamagan, S. Avery, K. Bailey, O. K. Baker, S. Beedoe, H. Bitao, H. Breuer, D. S. Brown, R. Carlini, J. Cha, N. Chant, E. Christy, A. CochranL. Cole, G. Collins, C. Cothran, J. Crowder, W. J. Cummings, S. Danagoulian, F. Dohrmann, F. Duncan, J. Dunne, D. Dutta, T. Eden, M. Elaasar, R. Ent, L. Ewell, H. Fenker, H. T. Fortune, Y. Fujii, L. Gan, H. Gao, K. Garrow, D. F. Geesaman, P. Gueye, K. Gustafsson, K. Hafidi, J. O. Hansen, W. Hinton, H. E. Jackson, H. Juengst, C. Keppel, A. Klein, D. Koltenuk, Y. Liang, J. H. Liu, A. Lung, D. Mack, R. Madey, P. Markowitz, C. J. Martoff, D. Meekins, J. Mitchell, T. Miyoshi, H. Mkrtchyan, R. Mohring, S. K. Mtingwa, B. Mueller, T. G. O'Neill, G. Niculescu, I. Niculescu, D. Potterveld, J. W. Price, B. A. Raue, P. E. Reimer, J. Reinhold, J. Roche, P. Roos, M. Sarsour, Y. Sato, G. Savage, R. Sawafta, J. P. Schiffer, R. E. Segel, A. Semenov, S. Stepanyan, V. Tadevosian, S. Tajima, L. Tang, B. Terburg, A. Uzzle, S. Wood, H. Yamaguchi, C. Yan, C. Yan, L. Yuan, M. Zeier, B. Zihlmann

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The A(e,e'Κ+)YX reaction on H, D, 3He, and 4He was investigated in Hall C at CE-BAF. Data were obtained for Q2 ≈ 0.35 and 0.5 GeV2 at 3.245 GeV. The missing mass spectra for both H and D are fitted with Monte-Carlo simulations incorporating peaks corresponding to Λ production on the proton and Σ production on both the proton and neutron. For D, the cross section ratio Σ0- ≈ 2, and excess yield close to the thresholds for Λ and Σ production can be attributed to final-state interactions; models are compared to the data. The analysis of the data for the He targets is in a more preliminary state with broader quasi-free peaks resulting from the higher Fermi momenta. Evidence for bound Λ-hypernuclear states is seen and other structure may be present.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2001 8月 13

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