Efficacy of octacalcium phosphate collagen composite for titanium dental implants in dogs

Tadashi Kawai, Keiko Matsui, Yushi Ezoe, Fumihiko Kajii, Osamu Suzuki, Tetsu Takahashi, Shinji Kamakura

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Background: Previous studies showed that octacalcium (OCP) collagen composite (OCP/Col) can be used to repair human jaw bone defects without any associated abnormalities. The present study investigated whether OCP/Col could be applied to dental implant treatment using a dog tooth extraction socket model. Methods: The premolars of dogs were extracted; each extraction socket was extended, and titanium dental implants were placed in each socket. OCP/Col was inserted in the space around a titanium dental implant. Autologous bone was used to fill the other sockets, while the untreated socket (i.e., no bone substitute material) served as a control. Three months after the operation, these specimens were analyzed for the osseointegration of each bone substitute material with the surface of the titanium dental implant. Results: In histomorphometric analyses, the peri-implant bone areas (BA%) and bone-implant contact (BIC%) were measured. There was no difference in BA% or BIC% between OCP/Col and autologous bone. Conclusion: These results suggested that OCP/Col could be used for implant treatment as a bone substitute.

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