Efficacy and Safety of Non-brain Penetrating H1-Antihistamines for the Treatment of Allergic Diseases

Kazuhiko Yanai, Takeo Yoshikawa, Martin K. Church

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H1 receptor antagonists, known as H1-antihistamines (AHs), inactivate the histamine H1-receptor thereby preventing histamine causing the primary symptoms of allergic diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, pollinosis, food allergies, and urticaria. AHs, which are classified into first-generation (fgAHs) and second-generation (sgAHs) antihistamines, are the first line of treatment for allergic diseases. Although fgAHs are effective, they cause adverse reactions such as potent sedating effects, including drowsiness, lassitude, and cognitive impairment; anticholinergic effects, including thirst and tachycardia. Consequently, the use of fgAHs is not recommended for allergic diseases. Today, sgAHs, which are minimally sedating and, therefore, may be used at more effective doses, are the first-line treatment for alleviating the symptoms of allergic diseases. Pharmacologically, the use of sedating fgAHs is limited to antiemetics, anti-motion sickness drugs, and antivertigo drugs. The use of histamine H1-receptor occupancy (H1RO) based on positron emission tomography (PET) has been developed for the evaluation of brain penetrability. Based on the results of the H1RO-PET studies, non-brain-penetrating AHs (nbpAHs) have recently been reclassified among sgAHs. The nbpAHs are rapidly acting and exhibit minimal adverse reactions and, thus, are considered first-line drugs for allergic diseases. In this review, we will introduce recent topics on the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of AHs and make recommendations for the use of nbpAHs as first-line treatment options for allergic diseases.

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