Effects of weakly coupled channels on quasielastic barrier distributions

E. Piasecki, L. Świderski, W. Gawlikowicz, J. Jastrzȩbski, N. Keeley, M. Kisieliński, S. Kliczewski, A. Kordyasz, M. Kowalczyk, S. Khlebnikov, E. Koshchiy, E. Kozulin, T. Krogulski, T. Loktev, M. Mutterer, K. Piasecki, A. Piórkowska, K. Rusek, A. Staudt, M. SillanpääS. Smirnov, I. Strojek, G. Tiourin, W. H. Trzaska, A. Trzcińska, K. Hagino, N. Rowley

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Heavy-ion collisions often produce fusion barrier distributions with structures displaying a fingerprint of couplings to highly collective excitations. Similar distributions can be obtained from large-angle quasielastic scattering, although in this case, the role of the many weak direct-reaction channels is unclear. For Ne20+Zr90, we have observed the barrier structures expected for the highly deformed neon projectile; however, for Ne20+Zr92, we find significant extra absorption into a large number of noncollective inelastic channels. This leads to smearing of the barrier distribution and a consequent reduction in the "resolving power" of the quasielastic method.

ジャーナルPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2009 11 25

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