Effects of image lag on real-time target tracking in radiotherapy

R. Tanaka, K. Ichikawa, S. Mori, S. Dobashi, M. Kumagaya, H. Kawashima, S. Morita, S. Sanada

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There is a concern that image lag may reduce accuracy of real-time target tracking in radiotherapy. This study was performed to investigate influence of image lag on the accuracy of target tracking in radiotherapy. Fluoroscopic image: were obtained using a direct type of dynamic flat-panel detector (FPD) system under conditions of target tracking during radiotherapy. The images continued to be read out after X-irradiations and cutoff, and image lag properties in the system were then determined. Subsequently, a tungsten materials plate with a precision edge was mounted on to a motor control device, which provided a constant velocity. The plate was moved into the center of the detector at movement rate of 1 and 20 mm/s, covering lung tumor movement of normal breathing, and MTF and profile curves were measured on the edges covering and uncovering the detector. A lung tumor with blurred edge due to image lag was simulated using the results and then superimposed on breathing chest radiographs of a patient. The moving target with and without image lag was traced using a template-matching technique. In the results, the target could be traced within a margin for error ii external radiotherapy. The results indicated that there was no effect of image lag on target tracking in usual breathing speed in a radiotherapy situation. Further studies are required to investigate influence by the other factors, such a: exposure dose, target size and shape, imaging rate, and thickness of a patient's body.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2010
イベントMedical Imaging 2010: Physics of Medical Imaging - San Diego, CA, United States
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名前Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE
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OtherMedical Imaging 2010: Physics of Medical Imaging
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