Effects of deposition conditions on the ferroelectric properties of (Al1- x Sc x)N thin films

Shinnosuke Yasuoka, Takao Shimizu, Akinori Tateyama, Masato Uehara, Hiroshi Yamada, Morito Akiyama, Yoshiomi Hiranaga, Yasuo Cho, Hiroshi Funakubo

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The ferroelectricity of (Al1-xScx)N (x = 0-0.34) thin films with various thicknesses was investigated. (Al1-xScx)N films were prepared at 400 °C on (111)Pt/TiOx/SiO2/(001)Si substrates by the radio frequency dual-source reactive magnetron sputtering method using Al and Sc targets under pure N2 gas or a mixture of N2 and Ar gases. The film deposited under N2 gas showed larger remanent polarization than those under N2 + Ar mixture. Ferroelectricity was observed for films with x = 0.10-0.34 for about 140-nm-thick films deposited under N2 gas. The x = 0.22 films showed ferroelectricity down to 48 nm in thickness from the polarization-electric field curves and the positive-up-negative-down measurement. The ferroelectricity of the 9 nm-thick film also was ascertained from scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy measurement. These results reveal that ferroelectric polarization can switch for films with much broader compositions and thicknesses than those in the previous study.

ジャーナルJournal of Applied Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2020 9 21

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