Effect of prostaglandin I2 and related compounds on vascular permeability response in granuloma tissues

Sei itsu Murota, Ikuo Morita, Susumu Tsurufuji, Hiroshi Sato, Kazuo Sugio

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The effects of prostaglandin I2, 6-ketoprostaglandin F, prostaglandin E1 and thromboxane B2 on the vascular permeability response in rat carrageenin granuloma were studied with the aid of 131I- and 125I-human serum albumin as indicators for the measurement of local vascular permeability. A single injection of 5 μg of prostaglandin I2 methyl ester or I2 sodium salt into the locus of the granulomatous inflammation elevated local vascular permeability 2.0-2.5 times over the control within 30 min. The potency was equal to that of the positive control prostaglandin E1 which has been known to be the most potent mediator in this index among several candidate prostaglandins for chemical mediator of inflammation. The other prostaglandin and thromboxane B2 tested were essentially inactive.

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