Effect of organic amendments on arsenic solubilization in soils during long-term flooded incubation

A. Suda, T. Makino

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Rice consumption is considered an important arsenic source for the population in Asian countries. Previous studies showed increase in arsenic solubility in flooded soils and arsenic uptake by rice plants with the application of organic amendments, while contrasting results were also reported. Here, we comprehensively examined the effect of three types of organic amendments on arsenic solubility during long-term flooded soil incubation. The amendments examined were categorized as (1) plant-based composts, (2) cattle manures, and (3) fermented livestock (swine and poultry) droppings. The dissolved arsenic in all soils with fermented livestock dropping was significantly greater than that in control soils at 10 and 39 days after incubation. The soils with two cattle manures also contained significantly greater amounts of dissolved arsenic than control soils at day 39, while the rest of the amendments did not increase arsenic solubility. At day 80, the amount of dissolved arsenic in all soils became comparable. Tukey’s test demonstrated that the relative ratio of dissolved arsenic in soils with fermented livestock droppings to control soils was significantly greater than those with the plant-based composts and cattle manures at days 10 and 39. Furthermore, the solubilizing effect of some organic amendments was mostly explained by promotion of decrease in soil Eh, rather than increase in dissolved organic carbon. Thus, it could be concluded that fermented livestock droppings potentially have a greater risk of solubilizing As than plant-based composts and cattle manures, because of their greater ability for accelerating soil reduction, associated with their higher bio-decomposability.

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