Effect of composition on hydrogen absorbing properties in binary TiMn2 based alloys

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The hydrogen absorbing properties of binary TiMn2 based alloys have been investigated as a function of composition in the range between Ti-56.4 and -66.8 at% Mn. The volume fraction of TiMn2 phase increases with increasing Mn content. The Mn content of TiMn2 phase is almost constant at compositions between Ti-56.4 and -59.4 at% Mn, while it increases with increasing Mn content at compositions between Ti-59.4 and -66.8 at% Mn. Ti-59.4 at% Mn containing TiMn2 phase with 60 at% Mn exhibits the superior hydrogen absorption capacity and the least degradation of capacity during repeated hydrogen absorption and desorption. It is concluded that both hydrogen absorbing capacity and cyclic property in binary TiMn2 based alloy are improved by increasing the volume fraction of TiMn2 phase with keeping Mn content as low as possible.

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