(e, e+ion) study on electron-induced dissociative ionization of O2

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Electron-induced dissociative ionization of O2 has been investigated by means of (e,e+ion) spectroscopy. The linear momenta of the fragment ions have been measured in coincidence with electron energy-loss spectra for O2 at scattering angles of 2.2a, 4.2a, and 8.2a using an incident energy of 1.4 keV. From the analysis of the data, partial ion yield spectra have been obtained for the BΣ2, {cΣ4+2Σ2+2Σ4}, {2Σ2+2Σ4}, and 3Σ2 ionization, allowing us to assess state-specific momentum-transfer dependence of the relative ionization cross sections. It has been shown that the shape resonance in the BΣ2 channel is substantially suppressed by the contributions of electric nondipole transitions. To get insight into the stereodynamics in the electron-O2 collision processes, the angular distributions of the fragment ions have been examined. It has been revealed that the (e,e+ion) cross section for the 2σg→1πg autoionization band exhibits a characteristic angular distribution reflecting the anisotropic shape of the molecular orbital to which the target electron is excited.

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