Dynamics of volume expansion of de-mixing liquids after pulsed IR heating

Jonathan Hobley, Sergey Gorelik, Yutaka Kuge, Shinji Kajimoto, Motohiro Kasuya, Koji Hatanaka, Hiroshi Fukumura

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Triethylamine (TEA)water mixtures have a critical-temperature (Tc). Below Tc the mixture exists as one phase and above Tc it exists in two phases. The de-mixed volume is different to the mixed volume. A nanosecond pulsed-laser heated a TEAwater mixture so that it de-mixed. The resulting dynamics of volume expansion were monitored using interferometry. For T-jumps within the one phase region the dynamics of volume change were limited by the speed of sound. However, T-jumps between the one and two phase regions also manifested a slower volume change associated with the de-mixing process. After 150ns, the volume of the de-mixed TEAwater was consistent with the equilibrium volume change. This suggests that, within 150ns, the system had split into phase-domains having equilibrium compositions of TEA and water. Subsequently the phase domains would simply merge and grow resulting in no further volume change to reduce surface tension between the phases.

ジャーナルAustralian Journal of Chemistry
出版ステータスPublished - 2011

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