Differential electrochemicolor imaging using lsi-based device for simultaneous detection of multiple analytes

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Here, we present a novel imaging system that enables multiple reductants to be detected simultaneously in real time. Previously, we developed a novel electrochemical imaging system using an LSI-based amperometric device, for electrochemicolor imaging. The detection process consisted of applying half of the sensors at the oxidation potential to detect the target reductants, whereas the remaining sensors were applied at the reduction potential to monitor the target oxidants. This strategy enabled the simultaneous imaging of both targets in real time. However, the previous system required either oxidation or reduction potentials to be applied at individual sensors to distinguish between the redox signals of the oxidants and reductants, which limits its application. The present system solves this problem by differential electrochemical imaging to monitor two types of reductants. Detection is achieved by subtracting the electrochemical images acquired at a specified oxidation potential from those acquired at a different oxidation potential. As a demonstration, p-aminophenol (PAP) and p-aminophenyl phosphate (PAPP) were detected as the two target reductant species. Our experiments confirmed that the proposed differential electrochemicolor imaging system allows the diffusion of these two target reductant species to be visualized in real time. In the near future, the imaging system will be applied to cell analysis.

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