Development of single-belt strip casting simulator

Hiroshi Noqami, Pedro G.Q. Netto, Roderick I.L. Guthrie

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Near-net-shape casting is one of the key technologies to improve process efficiency of steel production. Single-belt strip casting is recognized as a promising technology for thin strip production because of the advantages like well-controlled heat transfer rate, flexibility in production rate, compactness of equipment, and so on. In this study a newly designed simulator of the single-belt strip casting process was developed. The simulator solidifies molten metal on the running solid metal bar with a groove for molten metal deposition pushed by a pneumatic cylinder. Capability of this simulator design was discussed by one-dimensional numerical heat transfer analysis. It showed that a steel casting bar thicker than 40 mm was capable of casting test of 10 mm thick steel strip even if interfacial thermal resistance existed. Finally, the simulator was applied to the casting test of aluminum strip, and successfully estimated the variation of the interfacial heat flux from the solidifying strip to the casting bar.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2005 4月 1

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