Development of cup-cast method; semi-solid slurry preparation without external stirring force

F. Pahlevani, Y. Endo, J. Yaokawa, M. Itamura, M. Kikuchi, O. Nagasawa, K. Anzai

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Semi-Solid metal (SSM) processing is now considered a commercially successful manufacturing route producing millions of near net shape parts per annum for the automotive industry. Although semi-solid process is currently widely used as a manufacturing process which produces near net-shape metal component, the processes those used for the preparation of semi-solid slurry still take a great deal of time, energy and money. Cup cast method – recently developed by the authors – is able to make semi-solid slurry preparation as easy as pouring water from a pitcher into drinking glass. In this method globular solid particles are prepared by controlling the turbulence and heat distribution in the melt through pouring instead of applying certain external stirring forces, in other common method. In the current study, cup cast method applied to Al-A356 alloy using simple cylinder. Vital factors of this method were optimized by investigating micro-structures.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2006

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