Development of aluminum (Al5083)-clad ternary Ag-In-Cd alloy for JSNS decoupled moderator

M. Teshigawara, M. Harada, S. Saito, K. Oikawa, F. Maekawa, M. Futakawa, K. Kikuchi, T. Kato, Y. Ikeda, T. Naoe, T. Koyama, T. Ooi, S. Zherebtsov, M. Kawai, H. Kurishita, K. Konashi

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To develop Ag (silver)-In (indium)-Cd (cadmium) alloy decoupler, a method is needed to bond the decoupler between Al alloy (Al5083) and the ternary Ag-In-Cd alloy. We found that a better HIP condition was temperature, pressure and holding time at 803 K, 100 MPa and 10 min. for small test pieces (φ{symbol}22 mm in dia. × 6 mm in height). Hardened layer due to the formation of AlAg2 was found in the bonding layer, however, the rupture strength of the bonding layer is more than 30 MPa, the calculated design stress. Bonding tests of a large size piece (200 × 200 × 30 mm3), which simulated the real scale, were also performed according to the results of small size tests. The result also gave good bonding and enough required-mechanical-strength.

ジャーナルJournal of Nuclear Materials
出版ステータスPublished - 2006 9 15

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